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Bitcoinlive Running on Mobile

BitcoinLive’s founder had envisioned an investment-centered community platform where proved investment experts shared knowledge and timely tips to help users make educated decisions in the cryptocurrency stock market.

To this end, the platform’s content would include investment alerts, posts, and webinars. Access would be determined by a stratified subscription system. Users would be able to get a subscription through a billing system able to take both credit card and Bitcoin payments. Scheduled webinars featuring live and archived video streams, screen sharing capabilities, chat and viewing statistics would be the platform’s ultimate content. While the administrators would count with an administrative interface, able to track subscriptions, billing transactions, and payments.

Several challenges were evident from the client’s vision. Credit card payment security features, the integration of Bitcoin payments, video streaming features, a notifications system able to reach thousands of users within fractions of a second. All the while ensuring the platform’s uptime and performance.

Even though, having contributors as a specialized partner-like roles complicated content-editing access and required additional interfaces, developing a post and alerts content-based platform was the easy part.

LionMane developed a flexible subscriptions system that allowed for expansion. This way, the implementation of new payment services was possible. Integrating Stripe based credit card payments meant more security and visibility while Bitcoin payments through a self-served BTCPayServer meant more control and trust over wallet operations. Subscriptions also required a number of additional features such as coupons, discounts, refunds, and comp-offs.

Platform management tasks were handled through the administrative interface. Such interface allowed administrators to manage users, subscriptions as well as system configurations. The administrative interface was also extended to provide administrators with the means for platform reporting and analysis.

Now, the other main aspect of the platform, Webinars. LionMane partnered up with OpenTok. Webinars and chat interfaces and services were built from scratch and then put on top of OpenTok’s Tokbox, this allowed for a dedicated, reliable and scalable video streaming service that also permitted having all video streams stored in a BitcoinLive owned AWS S3 (storage) bucket.

BitcoinLive went live in June 2018 and acquired over 700 users just in its first week.


Bitcoin Payment
BitcoinLive, being a platform explicitly focused on cryptocurrency investments, to have the ability to pay with cryptocurrencies was a rather obvious need. LionMane developed a cryptocurrency payments service based on BTCPayServer, which was deployed on BitcoinLive’s servers as a secure, dedicated, crypto payments gate. A crypto payment driver then was implemented to tie the server with the platform, and finally allow users to pay for their subscriptions using the most popular cryptocurrencies.
Live Streams
LionMane created a live video streaming system based on OpenTok, that also featured a chat service, in order to incorporate webinar events to BitcoinLive’s platform. BitcoinLive’s analysts were able to stream high-quality video that was archived in S3 buckets and made available after each live stream within minutes!
Online Transactions
The ability to take credit card payments was one of BitcoinLive’s major needs in order to be able to handle subscriptions effectively. LionMane decided to not only offer a credit card payments system but something more, an extensible system that could manage to integrate different forms of payment in the future, without compromising platform’s stability and security. We developed a flexible payments system capable of incorporating payment drivers that worked as add-ons, each driver encapsulating their own payment logic. Credit card payments were achieved by integrating Stripe as a payment driver.

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